Posted: DECEMBER 23 2013

Santa’s Gift Bag Winner Final Week!

Congratulations to Laurie Swobodzinski! She is the winner of week 6 of Santa’s Gift Bag. She registered at Ritter Huesgen to win!

Santa’s Bag Promotion Winners:

Week 1: Candace Carlson from Devils Lake qualified at the Devils Lake Park Board. Congratulations Candace!

Week 2: Charla Hanneson qualified at Gerrell’s Sports Center. Congratulations Charla!

Week 3: Nick Reiners qualified at Forward Devils Lake, Chamber of Commerce, Devils Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau. Congratulations Nick!

Week 4: William Sorby qualified at Napa. Congratulations William!

Week 5: Lisa Westby qualified at North Dakota Telephone Company. Congratulations Lisa!

Thank you for shopping locally this holiday season!

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