Posted: DECEMBER 22 2012

Santa’s Bag Winner Week 6!

Congratulations to Perry Garske of Devils Lake! He was the winner of Santa’s Bag for week 6. Perry qualified at Boots & Heels. Congratulations Perry


Santa’s Bag Promotion Winners:

Week 1: Larry Kuntz from Devils Lake qualified at Bjornson’s Gas Station. Congratulations Larry!

Week2: John Lange From Webster qualified at H.E. Everson. Congratulations John!

Week 3: Sherry Walters of Cando qualified at Dr. Kristin H. Kenner, DDS. Congratulations Sherry!

Week 4: Mike Cull of Cavalier qualified at Simmons Multimedia in Langdon. Congratulations Mike!

Week 5: Sheryl Erickson of Devils Lake qualified at US Bank. Congratulations Sheryl!

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