Posted: DECEMBER 15 2012

Santa’s Bag Winner Week 5!

Congratulations to Sheryl Erickson from Devils Lake! She was the winner of Santa’s Bag for week 5. Sheryl qualified at US Bank. Congratulations Sheryl!

  • Make Sure to keep register at all the locations for your chance to win a bag full of goodies worth $3,000!


Santa’s Bag Promotion Winners:

Week 1: Larry Kuntz from Devils Lake qualified at Bjornson’s Gas Station. Congratulations Larry!

Week2: John Lange From Webster qualified at H.E. Everson. Congratulations John!

Week 3: Sherry Walters of Cando qualified at Dr. Kristin H. Kenner, DDS. Congratulations Sherry!

Week 4: Mike Cull of Cavalier qualified at Simmons Multimedia in Langdon. Congratulations Mike!

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