Posted: AUGUST 13 2012

Mondays at the Museum

Many of us today only notice trains as we see the crossbars fall in front of the tracks that run through town and hear the sound of the whistle starting to ring; alerting us to the large metal contraption sliding down the line. Long gone are the days when the railroad was one of the giants of industry and the people of the United States relied heavily upon their services for transportation, shipments, and supplies. But the story of the railroad and its significance in the development of our country still remains a vital piece of our history.

On Monday August 20th, 2012 Dr. Mark Joy, Professor of History and Political Science at Jamestown College will be at the Lake Region Heritage Center (Old Post Office Museum) to discuss how the railroads affected settlement patterns, and their importance in promoting settlement.  Starting at 7 P.M. that evening he will cover the relationship that the railroad had with the local community including farmers, business owners, and workers and the conflict that arose as many individuals felt that they were trapped in this monopolistic setting and had no other reasonable transportation alternatives.
Join us for this discussion on the development of not only our country but of North Dakota and our local community.

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