Posted: OCTOBER 31 2013

Devils Lake Chamber of Commerce Launches Relocation Videos

Devils Lake, ND – The Devils Lake Area Chamber of Commerce has announced the launch of a new series of relocation videos on the homepage of the Devils Lake Chamber’s website. These videos offer an inside view of the City of Devils Lake from Mayor Richard Johnson who welcomes people to the community. The videos also give an overview of the quality of life in the Devils Lake area as well as the amenities and personal needs for relocating to the area.

As of September 30, 2013, Ramsey County had 676 job openings. The unemployment rate was 3.6% (2.7% statewide – as of August 2013). The Chamber has been working with North Dakota Job Service and NationJob to help try and fill those positions. You can find the links to these websites on every page of their website in the top right-hand corner.

Paula Vistad, Executive Director of the Devils Lake Chamber stated, “relocation to Devils Lake is an issue the Chamber, Forward Devils Lake and the city are taking very seriously. With the abundance of full-time and part-time jobs in our area, along with our growth of new and expanding businesses, we are working to try and help fill these holes.”

The video series was produced by CGI Communications. CGI is a production company associated with, which operates a nationwide web-based program to assist people who are considering relocation or retirement. “ hosts over 15,000 informational community videos,” Vistad said. “Their videos provide relocation information for communities across the country, and the nationwide exposure was the reason we chose them to produce and host our videos.”

These promotional videos will be accessed through various internet web search engines,, and the Chamber’s website. The video’s hosting site also include videos produced by local businesses.  “ gave us and our local businesses a great way to highlight our community in a professional, high-quality way, and on a nationwide search,” Vistad said. “These videos will be used as part of a broader marketing campaign to target individuals to move to our area.”

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Devils Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, PO Box 879, Devils Lake, ND 58301. Paula Vistad can be reached at or 701.662.4903 for questions or comments.

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