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Tax Commissioner Fong & Agriculture Commissioner Goehring to Co-Host Meeting to Discuss 2012 Agricultural Land Values

BISMARCK, N.D. – Tax Commissioner Cory Fong and Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring will co-host a meeting with representatives of the state’s agricultural organizations to discuss the 2012 agricultural land values on Wednesday, January 25.  The meeting will begin at 1:30 pm in the Pioneer Room (located on the Ground Floor of the Judicial Wing of the State Capitol).  Staff from the Tax Department, Department of Agriculture, along with the Department of Agribusiness and Applied Economics at NDSU will be on hand for the discussion.

The meeting will include a review of how agricultural land values are determined focusing on the impacts of production, the costs of production and the capitalization rate on the 2012 agricultural land values.

For more information about the meeting, please contact Peggy Brintnell, Executive Assistant to Commissioner Fong at 701.328.2771 or by email at

Tax Department Expands Outreach to Include YouTube to Promote Tax Filing Season

BISMARCK, N.D. – Tax season has arrived and Tax Commissioner Cory Fong announced the Tax Department plans to use YouTube this year to promote the tax filing season.  The Tax Department expects to process over 375,000 individual income tax returns this tax season.

         “Over the years we have been using a variety of outlets to communicate to the public about state tax filing obligations along with the various available filing options,” said Fong.  “This year we plan to use more social media, such as Facebook and YouTube, to reach out to our state’s individual income taxpayers.”

         The Tax Department will release a number of YouTube messages throughout the individual income tax filing season.  The YouTube messages will generally be less than 60-second spots.  The Department will issue the messages beginning today through April 15.  A link to the YouTube messages is on the department’s web site at

         “Our first YouTube message is being released now,” said Fong.  “Based on our experiences with Facebook, we have learned that social media is very efficient and allows us flexibility in our delivery.  We anticipate releasing at least one YouTube message per week, possibly more depending on topics and circumstances that might arise during the tax season.” 

         The Tax Department will use YouTube as another format to deliver a variety of state tax filing messages, beginning with the individual income tax filing season.  The format will be used to present tax filing tips, to discuss common filing errors as they occur, and promote overall public awareness about the filing season.

         Last year, the Tax Department received nearly 290,000, or over 75 percent, of the individual income tax returns filed electronically.  During 2011, the Tax Department issued over 215,000 individual income tax refunds, most of which (63 percent) were issued electronically via direct deposit.

         “We will continue to encourage taxpayers to use our online interactive tool to help them wade through the various electronic filing options,” said Fong.  “E-file is proven to reduce the potential for errors, it helps taxpayers claim all the deductions they are entitled to, which could mean larger refunds for some, and it speeds up the processing of refunds.”

         Electronic filers typically get their refunds within five days, compared with about two weeks for paper returns.

         For more information regarding the YouTube messages, as well as the department’s online interactive tool and available filing options, taxpayers are encouraged to visit the North Dakota Tax Department’s web site at, follow us on Facebook and YouTube, or call 701.328.7088.

Fong Unveils New Free State E-File Option for North Dakota Taxpayers

BISMARCK, N.D. – It’s tax time and Tax Commissioner Cory Fong today unveiled a new free state electronic filing option for North Dakota’s taxpayers.

“The Tax Department has been offering e-file for over a decade, through our participation in the IRS E-File and the Free File Alliance programs,” said Fong. “We are pleased this year to offer North Dakota taxpayers another free e-file option for their North Dakota individual income tax returns.”

The Free File Alliance is a joint venture between the IRS, state tax agencies, and a number of tax software companies to offer free e-file for individual income taxpayers to file their federal and state income tax returns at the same time. Free File is available for taxpayers who meet certain conditions, usually based on age, income, or military status. The Tax Department estimates that approximately 60 percent of North Dakotans qualify for Free File.

“The North Dakota Fillable Forms system is a new free e-file option for taxpayers who don’t qualify for Free File,” said Fong. “The new free web-based system is unique to North Dakota’s tax forms and most North Dakota residents are eligible to use it. The Fillable Forms system is similar to completing a paper return, except taxpayers are able to submit their state return electronically to the Tax Department.”

The Fillable Forms system is available to full-year North Dakota residents who filed a 2010 North Dakota return. It is not available to taxpayers who claim certain credits that require specific information or schedules. The system is only for taxpayers filing their North Dakota income tax returns. It does not support federal returns.

“This system is intended to bridge the gap for those taxpayers who are looking for an option to e-file their North Dakota return because they do not qualify for Free File,” said Fong.

Taxpayers are encouraged to use the Tax Department’s online interactive tool to identify the e-file method that will best fit their filing needs. To access the online interactive tool or to learn more about the electronic filing options, including the new North Dakota Fillable Forms system, visit the Tax Department’s web site at

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