All News in September, 2010

Devils Lake makes national headlines

From television, to the newspaper, to the internet, Devils Lake makes national news this week with our growing lake problem. Read the story here!

Nominate your pick for “Chamber Member of the Year”

Currently the Devils Lake Chamber of Commerce is accepting nominations for this award.

Any member is eligible for this award, nominations need to be submitted to the Chamber office no later than September 20, 2010

All nomination must be accompanied by a letter stating the reasons for the nomination and background on the nominated person.

The nominations will be judged by the Board of Directors with presentation of the award being at the annual meeting October 20, 2010

Please mail all nomination to :

Devils Lake Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 879
Devils Lake, North Dakota 58301

We will be waiting for your nominations with great anticipation for this prestiges award.

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